About Us

KMLegalNet is an international law firm founded in 2015 as the Legal Division of Kenton & Miles Group. It was established when a group of legal professionals with international experience began working with the Kenton & Miles Group.

The goal was to combine the Group’s services with tailor-made legal advice, both for cases that come to court and more general legal issues. The firm has now become independent from the Group integrating its initial offer with highly specialised legal assistance also to private clients. We deliver quality client services. Our lawyers are carefully selected for their professionalism, approachability, pragmatism and creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

KMLegalNet aims to offer an highly professional legal service, by means of its multilingual Italian lawyers with respect to a various range of legal matters concerning English speaking clients.

Because KMLegalNet is a true Italian law boutique qualified to offer a tailored solution  to any sort of issue involving the English speaking community in the UK and abroad

Arrange a call with our English speaking Italian lawyers in London or make an appointment for a meeting. Your enquiry will be considered with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity.

Practice Areas

In the global economy, businesses and individuals require global solutions for their corporate and commercial needs, from tax, money transfer and commercial contracts to Intellectual property rights, debt collection and employment rights.

Why Use KMLegalNet for Your Enquiry?

The Legal Division is made up of a group of lawyers specialising in Civil Law , Criminal Law , Public and Administrative Law , Real Estate and Corporate and Commercial Law.

The purpose of the legal division in KMLegal Net is to provide an integrated Legal, Tax and Business advisory service.

  • Internationalization
  • Cross-border expertise
  • Worldwide network

  • Multidisciplinary
  • Highly professional
  • Present 82 countries

  • Customer service
  • Multi-lingual lawyers
  • 24hr Callback

Professional Case Management

KMLegalNet is an international law firm with offices in Italy and in the UK and with a international network of lawyers which can assist in several countries in Europe and overseas.


In the first instance, make an enquiry detailing the nature of your legal requirements.


Our lawyers aim to review your enquiry within 24 hours, advising you on the best way to proceed.


Arrange a meeting in the city most suitable for you. Our Italian legal network has offices in London, Milan, Palermo etc


Once instructed by you, our Italian lawyers will then go to work to obtain the best solution for your legal matter.

Make an enquiry or arrange an appointment

Our Team

KMLegalNet Worldwide Legal Network develops the highest levels of quality and professional ethics throughout its practice.
Thanks to our international organization we are able to assist our customers everywhere.