19 Jul 2016

Dott.ssa Federica Cicero

Dr. Federica Cicero graduated in law from the University of Palermo, with a score of 110 cum laude, with a thesis in Private Law and Comparative Economic Analysis of Law, entitled “Remedies consensual and freedom of contract. Comparative analysis “.
In studies acquires a perfect knowledge of English thanks to the participation in 2008 to an advanced course at the Summer School of Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.
To date Dr. Cicero has gained an enviable familiarity of the legal language necessary to the figure of the modern lawyer and his excellent language skills allow it to have a very good knowledge of the Spanish language also.
Dr. Cicero was the author of an important scientific publication, consisting of a note to the judgment of the Constitutional Court. 66/2012, entitled “The cross-cutting matters in the connection between the state and regional expertise”, in New Autonomy, the magazine directed by public law Immordino M., G. and G.Verde Course (2012-2013).
It deepens and constantly improves its legal knowledge through numerous legal courses.
In particular, he participated in a course in Comparative Law, in 2011, about the right to privacy and freedom of religion, a legal writing course in the year 2013, with the participation of  the italians Professors: G. Monteleone, G. Di Chiara, N. Gullo and an advanced course in administrative law, in the year 2014, on the issue of corruption.