19 Jul 2016

Avv. Flavia di Pilla

Avv. Flavia di Pilla is a Brazilian and Italian lawyer, admitted to practice in both jurisdictions. She graduated in Law at the University of Siena, Italy presenting a thesis in International Law titled “Mercosul, ALCA and European Union”. She is Fellow Researcher in EU law at the University of Siena and attended the Master of Specialisation in Environmental law. She attended also a Summer Law School hosted by the University of Siena in conjunction with the University College of London.

  • She completed her specialisation in Environmental Law at the Shanghai University, in 2010.
  • From January 2007 to December 2010 Avv. Flavia di Pilla was appointed as Expert of the Environmental Legal Team at the University of Siena in the realisation of a permanent panel of professionals about Climate Change and implementation of Kyoto Protocol.
  • Since 2007, Avv. Flavia di Pilla has been advising in immigration law, franchising, social service and cooperation; she is president of Environmental Legal Team, an association of promotion and education on environmental law.
  • Avv. Flavia di Pilla is corporate counsel in several multinationals operating in the following sectors: biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals, chemical experimentation, agro-alimentary industries. She is a qualified mediator.
  • Avv. Flavia di Pilla is Legal Counsel of the Brazilian Embassy  in Rome, is member of the Entrepreneur Association of Siena, where she lives.