19 Jul 2016

Arch.Tiziana Baiamonte

Arch. Tiziana Baiamonte graduated in Architecture, address “Recovery of Historical Architectural Heritage”, at the University of Palermo and holds the Qualification to practice the profession in 2002.
In 2007 he received from the University of Palermo – Faculty of Political Science, a Master on the administration and management of real estate properties, with a thesis entitled Energy savings: Rational use of energy and recovery of energy resources.
In 2010 he follows from the University of Palermo – Faculty of Architecture, training as Coordinator of Safety in temporary and mobile sites.
Between 2010 and 2015 he worked for the law firm International “Giambrone Law” as a technical consultant for the Department of Real Estate. Also took care of the estate of Reconstruction, Inheritance and land transfers, estimation Appraisals of real estate assets, Energy certifications, evacuation and safety plans.
Since 2009 collaborates with various building companies including: the S.M.C. S.r.l and Is Style Srl, both of Palermo, and D.I.S.M.A srl Rome as a technical consultant for public and private contracts, dealing with supervision of works, management of Shipyards, Accounting of work progress, Design and Safety Coordinator.