18 May 2017

Self-defence Under Italian Law

Under the majority of criminal codes of civil law countries, a person exceeding the boundaries of law do not incur criminal responsibility if acting out of self-defence. Italy did not drift away from the Romanian model of law and regulates self-defence under Article 52 of the Italian Criminal Code. ...
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27 Feb 2017

Set Up A Business In the UK

Starting a business can likely provide you with a more rewarding life, but it requires careful planning and consideration in order to succeed. Before to start it is important: 1) to have a good business plan (including a brand, a name and a good level of competitor knowledge), 2) to understand your ...
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26 Jan 2017

Child Custody in Italy and The Law

At the beginning of a divorce or separation, involving children, parents often have misconceptions or different expectations about child custody. Probably parents don’t have a proper understanding of sole and joint custody but it is critical to understand these concepts and how custody determinati...
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