27 Feb 2017

Set Up A Business In the UK

Starting a business can likely provide you with a more rewarding life, but it requires careful planning and consideration in order to succeed. Before to start it is important: 1) to have a good business plan (including a brand, a name and a good level of competitor knowledge), 2) to understand your ...
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26 Jan 2017

Child Custody in Italy and The Law

At the beginning of a divorce or separation, involving children, parents often have misconceptions or different expectations about child custody. Probably parents don’t have a proper understanding of sole and joint custody but it is critical to understand these concepts and how custody determinati...
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14 Jan 2017

Start-up funding in Italy

If you look for financing a start-up financed in Italy, this is probably the right moment. Italy is world-renowned for its rich cultural and historical heritage, delicious food and dolce vita. The country is one of the key players in the European Union. Italy is currently the fourth biggest economy ...
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