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  • Intellectual Property
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  • National and International Debt Recovery
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  • E-commerce and Consumer law
  • Corporate Governance
  • Vicarious corporate liability

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Why Choose Our Corporate, Commercial and Tax Litigation Lawyers?

The Firm has highly experienced lawyers who are able to offer the best solutions in commercial disputes and general cases. Our professionals are trained to handle complex corporate and commercial legal issues that may arise from commercial transactions. The Team is led by Avv. Anna Realmuto and is highly specialised in complex litigation involving:
1. Commercial Contracts: all the issues arising from contractual relations, including the culpa in contrahendo in the negotiation process, contract or single clause misinterpretation, unfaithful fulfilment or performance, frustration, lack of authority, breach of contract, liability, refunds and damages. International contracts – jurisdiction and applicable law (as a result of choice or with reference to private international laws), order of performance of contract, compensation of damage, strict liability, amicable dispute resolution, settlements;
2. Intellectual Property remedies (against refusal, unfair exclusion, invalidity or revocation) and rights (trade-marks, patents, copyright, etc.), infringement, disputes over titles, plagiarism, misuse, interim reliefs, removal, surrender and destruction, damages, P2P file sharing, fair use, exclusive rights, moral rights, extinction of IP rights, disclosure of confidential information and trade secrets;
3. Unfair Competition (anti-competition agreements, dumping, deceitful advertising);
4. National and International Debt Recovery – notices, loan guarantees and sureties, bonds, mortgages, pledges, payment orders, and seizure of assets, including that involving third parties;
5. Incoterms, Lex Mercatoria and International Trade Law Rules – applicable law, insurance, delivery, shipping and passage of risk, trade customs, further implementation of original contracts, retention-of-title clauses, pay-bills and international guarantees;
6. E-commerce and Distance Contracts, and Consumer law – conclusion, withdrawal or termination, of any kind of commercial contracts.
7. Corporate Governance and liability of the members of the company’s governance;
Sole Director or Executive Board corporate liability for special irregularities in company management; Auditors and Accountants’ liability; Comptroller liability for damages caused by negligence or misconduct; Liquidators, Directors and Managers’ liability; Corporate liability claims filed by companies’ creditors, or by controlled companies or creditors, against the controlling company; Company creditors’ refusal to approve resolutions to reduce corporate capital for PLCs and LLPs (Articles 2445 and 2482 of Civil Code);
Company creditors’ opposition to the constitution of the separated asset of a PLC; Company creditors and investors’ opposition to company transformation (mergers, acquisitions and divisions); Challenges to General Meeting resolutions; Challenges to resolutions made by executives, auditors and company boards; Violation of contract terms stipulated in “Control and Cooperation Contracts”, as regulated by Articles 2359, 2497 f thesepties and 2545 septies of the Civil Code; Banking law cases regarding compound interest and usury;
8. Vicarious corporate liability, violation of Articles of Association and/ or Bylaws, lack of authority, shareholder withdrawal or expulsion, unfair conduct, professional misconduct, negligence, director disqualification, shareholder disputes, disputes over joint ventures, post-mergers and acquisition disputes. shareholder activism battles, disputes over public take-over bids and squeeze-out procedures, and consumer and investor class actions.
9. Tax Law: the Firm assists companies and public entities in cases regarding Taxation. In particular, our team is made up of tax lawyers, accountants and auditors who work as a team to settle any disputes arising from alleged tax evasion. Our professionals offer assistance and legal representation before the Tax Court and the Fiscal Bureau as well as assistance in the case of negotiations aimed at reaching a settlement with the Tax Authorities in relation to alleged or presumed Tax crimes or irregularities.

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